Thursday, 13 May 2010

Well it's been a busy April and May this year. I decided to take my holiday early this year to visit my family in Scotland. Not long after going back to work I had the sad news of my dear grandmother passing away.

All my grandparents were such talented people and it's a shame that I never got to spend any adult time with my grandads. My grandmothers were both amazing women and had such skills like being an excellent seamstress and being able to play the piano. My grandads were also talented, having both been in the forces during the war and then coming out of that to be a carpenter and an electrician amongst other skills. I take so much pride in how wonderful they were as they were all great role models.

Grandparents are getting younger these days which isn't a bad thing really is it? Now when children grow up they can spend much more time with them.

My web site is dedicated to all my grandparents as they are my constant driving force and I can look back to a wonderful childhood thanks to them.