Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ok I have left it too long again before I blog! However its always more interesting to blog when you have something good to say....Am I right?

On Friday 15th July 2011 I completed my first tandem skydive! Boy, was that a life changing experience.

Here the picture speaks a thousand words. As a lot of people have said it is a wonderful experience. I cant stop going on and on about it. My instructor Alf was an amazing guy who was very helpful and explained all the things I needed to know every step of the way. I was not nervous about doing it and that is something else I can not explain. Its something Ive always wanted to do ( A sort of bucket list ) My first date was cancelled due to bad weather and I think it made me even more determind on my next available date. freefall is something that can not really be explained until you have experienced it first hand. I found it very hard to get any proper breath. Maybe it was because you are in body over load and I panicked during those 30 seconds of freefall. But as the parachute opened and we seemed to be yanked back up the instructor said "Welcome to my office" and I thought what a wonderful thing to be able to say.

Its something Id love to take up as a hobby. You can really get hooked on the adrenalin rush. I think thats what must have happened to me because in the couple of days after I felt really down. You feel you just want to walk down the street and shout "Ive just done a skydive from 12000 feet up in the clouds!!"

This picture is me by the way. My instructor was called Alf Batchelor and I completed the skydive @ Hinton Skydiving Centre. What a wonderful crowd they were and Im forever grateful for that fabulous day. Thanks guys

Anyway I hope that if you have read this it gives you the push (Dodgy expression!) to actually try it. Its a bit of a love it or hate it sport.

Personally I loved every minute of it. Its all over so fast but doing it really makes you feel proud of yourself that you have accomplished something very special.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Well while I have been off recovering from my appendix opp I have made some new pieces. Check out the New Items page to see those.

Also I have a competition running until August 31st. Spend £10 or more before postage charges and be entered into the competition to win a Swarovski Crystal Set or your colour choice Free!

It will come in its black velvet gift box.

So even if you are a guy and think...Hey what do I want with a Swarovski set...Think again. The perfect gift for your lady or mum for her birthday!

The set is worth £15 so dont delay order today!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

What a couple of weeks I have had so far! Fainting, and now I have had to have my appendix out! Feeling a bit down now as it has knocked me for six. I cant stand sitting around and doing nothing. Since this opp though I can do nothing else but rest. Ill be back on my feet again soon. I have started making more designs for the shop now so keep checking back as Ill soon be uploading them to the shop. I have gone back to some old designs that sold well although nothing is exactly the same. The new version has a completely different layout but similar colours and style. TTFN
I must try to blog more :-)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Well it's been a busy April and May this year. I decided to take my holiday early this year to visit my family in Scotland. Not long after going back to work I had the sad news of my dear grandmother passing away.

All my grandparents were such talented people and it's a shame that I never got to spend any adult time with my grandads. My grandmothers were both amazing women and had such skills like being an excellent seamstress and being able to play the piano. My grandads were also talented, having both been in the forces during the war and then coming out of that to be a carpenter and an electrician amongst other skills. I take so much pride in how wonderful they were as they were all great role models.

Grandparents are getting younger these days which isn't a bad thing really is it? Now when children grow up they can spend much more time with them.

My web site is dedicated to all my grandparents as they are my constant driving force and I can look back to a wonderful childhood thanks to them.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Steampunk and Vintage Jewellery

Steampunk ......What is it?
I have to say its only recently that I have been interested in Steampunk Jewellery. I am now totally hooked on the concept and the art work to do with this wonderful new fashion era that is sure to come from this.

Steampunk was started in the 80's early 90's. To start with I think it got a bad rep because it was deemed semi gothic and a bit wierd. Today though I have found it exploding in popularity because of the wide range of thought and many peoples own take on the concept and their own vision of Steampunk.
I find it amazing that you could be wearing a piece of history and who could have owned it first.

Steampunk is as individual as you are. With jewellery its predominantly made with old used watch and clock parts. Genuine good quality watch and pocket watch parts, for example cogs and gears and clock hands. So its recycling at its best. These old parts that were more than likely to be put in a skip and lost forever are having new life breathed into them. Add some new but made to look vintage components and you are on to a winner! Personally I have fallen in love with the age of Steam.
With Steampunk you can simply let your imagination run wild with combinations of styles and variations on a theme. A lot of jewellery I have seen just lately is combining clock and watch parts with egyptian scarabs and crystals which look absolutley stunning.

Cyberpunk and Steampunk seem to run hand in hand with each other, but although on similar lines they are opposite ends of the time line. Steampunk being Victorian and Cyberpunk being a dystopian look into the future. A future of poverty and oppression. Many futuristic films will have this look about them. Take the Borg for instance in Star Trek movies and think of cybernetics where machine and human are one.That is how I would define Cyberpunk. Personally I don't like it half as much as I like Steampunk. It all depends on your taste!

So take this new trend any way you like. Choose to embrace the history of it or indeed the future of it. A wonderful new look at beautiful things in a brand new light.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I have just added two new designs in the Tribal/ Surf look stainless steel pendants. Really solid great quality pendants. Why not buy one for a loved one at christmas. I find these particular style of pendants are very popular at the moment.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mens Tribal and Surf Pendants.

Get the crisp sharp look with a new range of Surf and Tribal Pendants. The pendants are made of stainless steel and are real good lookers. Personally I think these pendants on men look fabulous. The pendants are mounted on black leather thong and have a decent size clasp on the back. So nothing fiddly to worry about! Why have some retail therapy. Why not ask a loved one to buy it for you for christmas as us girls are always looking for things to get our men!