Saturday, 6 February 2010

Steampunk and Vintage Jewellery

Steampunk ......What is it?
I have to say its only recently that I have been interested in Steampunk Jewellery. I am now totally hooked on the concept and the art work to do with this wonderful new fashion era that is sure to come from this.

Steampunk was started in the 80's early 90's. To start with I think it got a bad rep because it was deemed semi gothic and a bit wierd. Today though I have found it exploding in popularity because of the wide range of thought and many peoples own take on the concept and their own vision of Steampunk.
I find it amazing that you could be wearing a piece of history and who could have owned it first.

Steampunk is as individual as you are. With jewellery its predominantly made with old used watch and clock parts. Genuine good quality watch and pocket watch parts, for example cogs and gears and clock hands. So its recycling at its best. These old parts that were more than likely to be put in a skip and lost forever are having new life breathed into them. Add some new but made to look vintage components and you are on to a winner! Personally I have fallen in love with the age of Steam.
With Steampunk you can simply let your imagination run wild with combinations of styles and variations on a theme. A lot of jewellery I have seen just lately is combining clock and watch parts with egyptian scarabs and crystals which look absolutley stunning.

Cyberpunk and Steampunk seem to run hand in hand with each other, but although on similar lines they are opposite ends of the time line. Steampunk being Victorian and Cyberpunk being a dystopian look into the future. A future of poverty and oppression. Many futuristic films will have this look about them. Take the Borg for instance in Star Trek movies and think of cybernetics where machine and human are one.That is how I would define Cyberpunk. Personally I don't like it half as much as I like Steampunk. It all depends on your taste!

So take this new trend any way you like. Choose to embrace the history of it or indeed the future of it. A wonderful new look at beautiful things in a brand new light.